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by Jul 14, 2015

Healers Master Pundit Joshi, Sufi Noor Allah, Hakeem M.A. Maan, Kajsa,  Pir Darveshbaba and Paul Hughes-Barlow are available now to help you with your black magic problems.

Healing black magic problems is a specialised area that requires spiritual integrity and power from the healer. Real black magic healers have worked for years with a qualified teacher who knows the traditions and is also familiar with current methods.

To heal is to work with spiritual powers and entities – unless you have the required permissions from your teacher or guru, you will not have the authority to work with them. Authority and permission is key – simply commanding by the use of threats, magical weapons or magical circles will never work.

What most people do not realise is that many of the Spiritual Powers who are used for black magic purposes are actually teaching spirits sent to advise us.

When you contact us about a problem, our healers have to find out several things about your situation:

Who is causing the black magic to you?

The attackers may be an person or group of people who are either amateur or professional. You probably know the person who is attacking, but they be employing someone else to do the work.

What kind of black magic is being done?

The type of black magic is often related to either your religion, or the religion of the attacker – this is the start of the investigation. Some black magicians work within their religion, but there are many who work outside their beliefs. The Black Magician will either work with Spiritual powers, or he will create an entity to do the work.

Why you are being attacked?

Jealousy is the main reason for black magic attacks. The problem is that you are not the jealous type, so you say positive things about your life that you think is good, but cause you problems.

When you were attacked?

Black magic attacks have often been going on for years without you realising as the symptoms are not always obvious, and it may never have occurred to you that you have enemies.

Where were you attacked?

There are black magicians in every part of the world and every society, but they do not have to be local to attack – they can be on the other side of the world.

Multiple Layers of Black Magic

It is very common to discover that more than one attack is going on, from different people often for different reasons, but we have to start somewhere.

Discovering who, what, where, why and how you have been attacked is not easy, so we need something to start with, which is why we need to know your name, your date of birth, place of birth, and your mother’s name. If you have an idea who is attacking, their names and any other details your can give.

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Hakeem M.A. Maan

Hakeem M.A. Maan

Hakeem M.A. Maan is famous healer and herbalist with clients around the world. His family has a long history of healing to royalty in India over the centuries. Qualifications of Hakeem M.A. Maan M.A. Maan qualified with distinction and is a Registered Herbalism...

Paul Hughes-Barlow Psychic

Psychic heal Paul Hughes-Barlow taught by Pundit Maharaj and his cousin Pundit Joshi. Paul is privileged to learn the secret techniques of spiritual healing. He also learned the Western magical techniques and worked with Western magicians. Paul is expert in dealing...

Sufi Noor Allah

Sufi Noor Allah

Sufi Noor Allah is a genuine Muslim Healer of black magic, with great integrity and spiritual power. Sufi Noor Allah is expert in ruqyah and dua from the Koran. https://youtu.be/qjSLC0acL8o He is a pious and humble man who does not boast or brag about his tremendous...

Master Pundit Joshi – Healer and Astrologer

Master Pundit Joshi – Healer and Astrologer

Master Pundit Joshi is a very powerful spiritual healer helping people from all around the world, including members of royal family, politicians and successful businessmen. His family was traditionally astrologers to the Kings or Maharajahs of India for hundreds of...

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