Master Pundit Joshi – Healer and Astrologer

by Jul 14, 2015

Master Pundit Joshi is a very powerful spiritual healer helping people from all around the world, including members of royal family, politicians and successful businessmen. His family was traditionally astrologers to the Kings or Maharajahs of India for hundreds of years.  He travels extensively, but he is always able to help and heal you from even the worst black magic problems.

Master Pundit Joshi is a black magic healer, bringing relief to sufferers of black magic from around the world. I have personally seen many examples where  he has people with problems that looked impossible to solve. He has the power to heal all kinds of Eastern and Western black magic, including Voodoo. Pundit Joshi is expert on the remedies of Lal Kitab. He is able to heal all the systems of black magic described on this website (and others not mentioned).

He has dedicated his life to teaching the methods of healing black magic. Black magic takes us from our true Path in life so we lose our faith in God, our religion, our family and society. A man of few words, even when teaching, for the work takes place in Silence, Consciousness. To preserve the power, when healing he is silent on his work, for to speak or discuss the healing work will weaken the results.

Services by Master Pundit Joshi

Get love back – Mohini

Relationship or marriage break-up is painful, and Pundit is very good at bringing your partner or lover back, even in hopeless cases.

Husband and Wife problem

Pundit helps with resolving separation or difficult relationships between a married couple, or a cheating partner.

Getting married

Master Pundit Joshi is very good at finding an ideal marriage partner for you!

Fertility problems

Pundit is excellent at helping with conception or healing miscarriage problems.

Help with all kinds of Muslim black magic, tantric magic and Western magic causing problems in health, work, love, marriage and finances.

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Hakeem M.A. Maan

Hakeem M.A. Maan

Hakeem M.A. Maan is famous healer and herbalist with clients around the world. His family has a long history of healing to royalty in India over the centuries. Qualifications of Hakeem M.A. Maan M.A. Maan qualified with distinction and is a Registered Herbalism...

Paul Hughes-Barlow Psychic

Psychic heal Paul Hughes-Barlow taught by Pundit Maharaj and his cousin Pundit Joshi. Paul is privileged to learn the secret techniques of spiritual healing. He also learned the Western magical techniques and worked with Western magicians. Paul is expert in dealing...

Sufi Noor Allah

Sufi Noor Allah

Sufi Noor Allah is a genuine Muslim Healer of black magic, with great integrity and spiritual power. Sufi Noor Allah is expert in ruqyah and dua from the Koran. He is a pious and humble man who does not boast or brag about his tremendous...

Our Healers

Our Healers

Healers Master Pundit Joshi, Sufi Noor Allah, Hakeem M.A. Maan, Kajsa,  Pir Darveshbaba and Paul Hughes-Barlow are available now to help you with your black magic problems. Healing black magic problems is a specialised area that requires spiritual integrity and power...

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