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About Paul Hughes-Barlow

I am the only westerner to have been taught and initiated by the Masters of the Unknown. This secret group of occult practitioners based in India recruited in Brighton, UK. Very little is known about the Masters of the Universe. There may be as few as ten to twenty Masters, scattered from the Himalayas into Burma, India, Pakistan, down into Singapore and Indonesia. The Masters of the Unknown take on the beliefs of the cultures they live in. Some are Hindu, some Buddhist, and some Moslem. Some are vegetarian, some are teetotal. Some have normal jobs, while others are known as saints in their community.

A vast range of Spiritual techniques

The breadth of spiritual, magical, mystical and occult techniques is breathtaking, encompassing ancient (and still hidden) techniques from Europe, Egypt, South America, North America, Africa, Indian subcontinent, Tibet, and other areas, which suggests a common origin to the occult and spiritual practices of the world. Labels of Atlantis or Lemuria do not do justice to the range of occult knowledge available.

The philosophies of Tantra, Mantra, Vedanta, Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism, and Kabbalah are all aspects of the knowledge expected to be known the Master of the Unknown.

Other Masters visited England, but for some reason he never met them. He visited Pakistan some years ago, to visit some of them, but the meeting never took place. Later, it was confirmed to him that he was secretly initiated during those weeks in Pakistan. Even the initiation is secret!

Secret Teachings

The techniques used by the Masters to teach me are secret, despite having undergone the teaching for over twenty years. There are no rituals, or core teachings to be studied. He  was encouraged to read widely, particularly the western occult system.

Central is working with Spirits in a way that gives the student direct experience of the Spiritual realms. Punditt was never forthcoming on the subject of Spirit, except that whatever happened, be it mundane or extraordinary, and was due to Spirit. Questions on what kind of spirit was always met with the stock answer “Spirit”. Discussions on philosophy were rarely entertained.

All spiritual and magical experiences come from the Unknown

The extraordinary powers of inducing spiritual states, which can be beautiful or terrifying, while appearing to do other things at the same time. As a student, whatever was going on in his awareness, he had to continue acting as though nothing special was taking place. Experiences could happen at any time of the day or night, waking, dreaming or sleeping, and they would result in a search in the literature to find out just what they meant, or what spiritual philosophy or magical system they came from. He never knew what or when the next experience would be or come from. Spiritual experiences were rarely duplicated; they developed or transformed in various ways.

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