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Pir Darveshbaba has the power to discover Allah’s will to bring you success, fulfilment and happiness in your life. He is particularly knowledgeable on dreams and omens to guarantee the good results and heal you from the bad omens. Darveshbaba brings you the blessings and healings of truth and the best direction for your life.

If you need guidance on a marriage proposal, or business opportunity Darveshbaba will help you.

Istikhara dreams

Istikhara is the power of receiving signs in dreams for guidance in matters about marriage, health and success. Pir Darveshbaba is master of Istikhara with the Will of Allah’s blessings.

After performing Istikhara you may have powerful dreams – ru’an through the power of Allah. A very good sign is If you see white or green in the dream, and a bad sign if you see red, black or yellow. Seeing a religious person or pleasant, beneficial or beautiful things is also a good sign. Seeing an unpleasant or ugly person, or something that makes you uncomfortable is a bad sign.

English Translation of Istikhara

“O Allah, I consult You as You are All-Knowing and I appeal to You to give me power as You are Omnipotent, I ask You for Your great favour, for You have power and I do not, and You know all the hidden matters . O Allah ! If you know that this matter (then he should mention it) is good for me in my religion, my livelihood, and for my life in the Hereafter, (or he said: ‘for my present and future life,’) then make it (easy) for me. And if you know that this matter is not good for me in my religion, my livelihood and my life in the Hereafter, (or he said: ‘for my present and future life,’) then keep it away from me and take me away from it and choose what is good for me wherever it is and please me with it.”

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