Hakeem M.A. Maan

by Oct 23, 2015

Hakeem M.A. Maan is famous healer and herbalist with clients around the world. His family has a long history of healing to royalty in India over the centuries.

Qualifications of Hakeem M.A. Maan

M.A. Maan qualified with distinction and is a Registered Herbalism Practitioner at the British School of Yoga, registration number 670876, and he is fully insured.

Natural Medicine – Tibb or Unani

The natural medicine used in Tibb or Unani system is based upon the teaching of The Father of Medicine, Hippocrates. The system was developed further by Greek scholars Galen and Razes. The Arabs introduced Tibb into India, where it was adopted by the Emperors and rulers.

Hippocrates believed the equilibrium of Arkan (elements), Akhlat (humor) and Mizaj (temperament) keep the mind and body healthy.

Principles of Tibb or Unani

The seven principles of Tibb or Unani are:

  1. Arkan Elements
  2. Mizaj Temperament
  3. Akhlat Humours
  4. A’za Organs
  5. Arwah Vital Spirit
  6. Quwa Powers
  7. Af’aal Functions

Diagnosis in Unani or Tibb system of medicine

Diagnosis can be made using analysis of the patient’s pulse (Nabz), the physical appearance, diet, excretions, sleep and activity patterns.

Diet therapy in Unani or Tibb system of medicine

A specific diet may be prescribed, or by the quality and quantity of food. Food has nutrition and pharmacological action.

Pharmacotherapy in Unani or Tibb System of medicine

Only natural substances are used to minimise side effects, which means that the active ingredient stays with the natural elements of the plant. Many medications in Tibb or Unani act to stimulate and support the immune system

Prevention of Disease in Unani-Tibb System of Medicine

Thus Unani endeavours to restore the equilibrium of the various elements and faculties of the human body by taking into consideration the environment
Unani lays down six essential pre-requisites for the prevention of disease.

  • Air
  • Foods and drinks
  • Bodily movement and repose
  • Physic movement and repose
  • Sleep and wakefulness
  • Retention & Evacuation

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