Sufi Noor Allah

by Jul 14, 2015

Sufi Noor Allah is a genuine Muslim Healer of black magic, with great integrity and spiritual power. Sufi Noor Allah is expert in ruqyah and dua from the Koran.

He is a pious and humble man who does not boast or brag about his tremendous spiritual powers. He quietly goes about his work. He helps people with sifli ilm, jadu and sihr, and heals many other problems.

Simply reciting Ayats from the Quran is not enough because unless the reciter has the necessary spiritual training and undergone traditional experiences such as the chilla and prolonged periods of isolation, fasting and praying in Mecca and other Islamic holy places, study and penances the spirits will not recognise his credentials.

Black Magic Healing

Sufi Noor Allah helps with:

  • Evil Eye
  • Sihr
  • Love and Marriage
  • Legal Problems
  • Money problems
  • Spirit invasion
  • Finding Love
  • Jinn problems
  • Vashikaran
  • Sifli Ilm
  • Mohini
  • Business problems
  • Finding Love

Working with the Jinn

He is expert in dealing with any problems caused by Jinn and Ifrit, including soul retrieval. Soul retrieval is a special power for removing Jinn and Ifrit from your life.

Sufi Noor Allah specializes in helping you with problems in love, health, work that can only solved through Islamic healing.  He removes blocks to marriage and help you find your marriage partner. He removes black magic spells. Do not expect Sufi Noor Allah to say much about your spiritual and magical problems as he is a man of few words, and says only enough to help you understand your situation and instruct what you need to do in order to be free from your problems. The amazing experience of healing is that whatever your problem, you will find that you gain far more than you expected.

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