Kuja Dosha

by Jun 30, 2015

Marriage or relationship problems in Vedic Astrology are defined by Mars  in 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 12th house of a Rashi or lunar chart (Moon chart) known as “Manglik dosha, Kuja Dosha, Bhom Dosha or Angaraka Dosha, or Manglik Dosh”. The person will endure hardships in the marriage generated by the spouse, as she does not have the nature to victimize the spouse or partner.

Kuja Dosha cause victimization in his/her marriage which ends up in divorce or separation through no obvious fault.

A person with Kuja Dosha is attracted to a partner who by his/her very nature can not blend or function compatible for any great length of time with that person.

The way out is for a person with Kuja Dosha to marry another with Kuja Dosha, but they will not be attracted to each other.

A common marital problem the people with Kuja Dosha are facing is unfair distribution of responsibilities. For example, the person with Kuja Dosha may be used to do everything in the relationship when it is just the two of them. However, the person may need practical and emotional support from his/her partner once children come along, something that the person may not get from the marriage partner.

Because he/she may have ended up with an insensitive partner who has

  • Problems empathizing with others
  • Problems with understanding another person’s or the spouses point of view
  • Difficulties engaging in social routines such as conversations and ‘small talk’
  • Problems with controlling feelings of anger, depression and anxiety
  • Stress or anxiety if a routine is disrupted
  • Specialized fields of interest or hobbies.
  • Average or above-average intelligence

Mangalik Dosh is more severe in the natal charts, where Mars becomes functional malefic i.e. Virgo, Scorpio and Taurus ascendant charts.

Cancellation of Kuja Dosha

It is important to find other yogas to counteract and cancel the bad effects of the yoga and what remedial measures are available to get relief.

There are ways of cancellation of Kuja Dosha such as If the first house is Aries or Mesha and Mars is in Aries the Kuja Dosha is not effective as Aries is the Own House of Mars.

Call me to find other ways of solving this difficult and distressing problem.

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