Black Magic Spells

by Nov 6, 2015

Black magic spells are incredibly varied, but  we deal with them.

There are many kinds of hexes from different systems: pagan, wicca, tantra, voudoo and witchcraft. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism all have spells and hexes. There are plenty of magicians, witches and wizards only too pleased to put a spell on you.

Some people use banishing spells to clear bad energy, or they take a purifying bath using herbs and special salts to clear cursing or hex spells. Candles of different colours are also popular – black for negative energy.

So-called white magic spells are a problem too, for you may not like the centre of attention, or have someone obsess about you.

Western magicians and pagan like to do banishing rituals, but they are difficult to learn. You need a number of dedicated ritual tools, and the space to do the working, such as a magical circle.

Protection from Spells and hexes using our Healers

Over the years I have seen so many spells and hexes removed by Master Pundit Joshi and Sufi Noor Allah, that I am no longer surprised or impressed when they do it. What does impress me is that whatever the spell,  by any magician, they always have success.

You will feel the difference when our healers do their work – a feeling of peace and calm in your life – worries subside. Your energy increases, people are more friendly, things start going your way.

If you have had a spell or hex put on you, some of the symptoms include “bad luck”, lack of energy, feeling blocked, tiredness. People turn against you, or they are suddenly rude or unhelpful.

If you think you have a spell or hex on you, contact us, and we will find out for you, and help you  be free.

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