Psychic Vampire

by Nov 5, 2015

A psychic vampire drains you of your energy leaving your exhausted, emotionally, physically and mentally drained. We have all met a psychic vampire in our life, and often avoiding that person is enough, but there are far more dangerous and powerful psychic vampires who are very difficult to escape from. I have experienced this myself, and Master Pundit Joshi had to help me.

How psychic vampire works

Some psychic vampires work unconsciously – they are needy and do not know what they are doing to others, while some work deliberately, using devices such as psychotronic crystals on victims. There is absolutely no need for psychic vampirism because the amount of energy available to us is far more than we can ever use in thousands of lifetimes!

Clairvoyantly, I often see what looks like the cheese strings you get when lifting a slice of pizza connecting the victim to the vampire. The longer the problem has gone on, the harder the “cheese string”, and it is more difficult to break. Vampires often attach a spirit to the victim to do the work.

Socially psychic vampires are demanding emotionally, or need a lot of your time and attention, or create dramas, and you feel tired around them. It is better not to have them in your life, which is not so easy when they are in your family or social circle. Our healers are very good at helping you deal with them.

Psychic vampires love to control other people – mother-in-laws are a good example (but that does not always mean they are vampires!); you feel like there is no escape. These people always make you feel it is your problem.

Spiritual development courses are a good way to begin the process of being aware of the vampires in your life. As you become stronger you learn to deal with them, and avoid them in the future. The true purpose of vampirisim is stop you becoming your true self, and be successful in your life spiritually, in relationship and financially.

Help from psychic vampires

We can help If you have problems with psychic vampires – contact us now and see what we can do to change your life.

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