Hoodoo Rootwork

by Nov 1, 2015

Hoodoo or Rootwork is a magical spiritual practice originally from Africa that is found in the Southern States of the USA, and uses Earth energy spirits. Hoodoo practitioners use a mixture of Native American, Near East, European and folk medicine.

Some spells are used for positive work, such as finding love, pregnancy, and reconciliations, reversing spells, and success in money, work, and legal matters, but just as there are winners, there are losers, and we help people who have been at the wrong end – if your partner or ex-partner is using hoodoo to keep you in a relationship, or you lose money or lose a court case, for example.

If you are a victim of hoodoo or rootwork we can help

Typical uses of rootwork include working with goetia and jinn, particularly in the graveyard or crossroads. Mojo bags, talismans and witch bottles, voodoo dolls are used. Hot foot formulas are used to get rid or banish enemies, trouble makers and other people from your life. There are many kinds of spells and evil spells using candles, herbs and roots.

We help clients to get free from from Revenge, Crossing, destruction and break up work. Control and domination spells are a particular problem where you feel you have no choice, and you have to do whatever someone tells you.

Many hoodoo works also work as clairvoyants and healers, using tarot, palmistry, crystal ball, tea or coffee readings.

However you came into contact with a Hoodoo worker, or the spells, we can help you be free to live your life.

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