Pitru Dosha

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Pitru Dosha – Karma from past lives

Pitru Dosha is the accumulated karma from past lives that becomes a burden in this life. Actions (or inaction – not doing something) towards or against your parents, family, Guru or religious leader in past lives cause problems in this life.

The results of past karma is that your ancestors are unable to get peace – they have mental stress. Some of the causes of Pitru Dosha include actions or bad karma caused by your children in this life, which you may or may not know about. A lack of respect or honour to your anscestors from you or someone in your family can also cause Pitru Dosha.

There may be certain wishes or desires made by your ancestors that have not been kept which can cause problems too. A curse made by someone on an ancestor which was not fulfilled in their lives can continue down the generations. We see this kind of fatalistic tragedy in the lives of some famous families, such as the Kennedy’s in the USA.

One of the signs of Pitru Dosha is early or sudden deaths in the family. There can be a fear of snakes. I have seen Pitru Dosha manifest in a more generic way where the needs of a particular group of people who lost their lands, are needing help in this life, such as Native Americans.

Past life curses fall into these patterns: Curses from the ancestral father resulting in childlessness or early death of your father. If your mother is sick or dies early or has problems with her children, this can be a past life curse.

Problems with brothers and sisters may result from a brother curse. An ancestor may have insulted or abused a spiritual person resulting in problems with faith and spiritual development in this life.

Evil spirits can also be a problem or effects of black magic in previous lives. This is not an exhaustive list, but we have powerful healers who can help you with all these problems and clear your past lives.

The nature of past life curses demonstrates the need for having good relationships with all people in your life.

If you think you have any of these problems please contact us as soon as possible so we can find out what the problem is and cure it for you.

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