Abuse in Black magic healing

by Nov 24, 20150 comments

Sad news that some black magic healers abuse their clients. It is amazing that victims allow these people to perpetuate such horrors. Sadistic is the only word for it. Perpetrators should be imprisoned for actual harm.

A story in the Sun newspaper of a three year old girl pierced by eleven needles in the name of an Islamic exorcism is shocking. If it is true, then there is a serious problem in this country. False “Healers” are the worst, and it is beyond belief that the parents allow such practices.

My own experience of Islamic healers such as Sufi Noor Allah is the removal of pain and suffering. Sufi Noor Allah works from a distance; neither he nor any other healer here ever does anything that would result in pain and suffering at any level.

If your healer suggests “healing” that involves pain and humiliation and physical abuse then you need to look elsewhere.

I see many terrible things in the spiritual realm, but I have been fortunate never to have seen such terrible acts.

Fraudulent healers use all kinds of con tricks to convince the gullible of their “powers”, something that we never do. Many of our satisfied clients live abroad and have only had contact via the telephone and email for remote healing.

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