Qarin or Hamzad

by Oct 5, 2015

The Qarin or Hamzad is your constant companion who guides you through life. When you yearn for your soul-mate, is it really your Qarin you are looking for?

According to Islam there is both a good and a bad (demonic) Qarin constantly beside us, recording our every action, as they are assigned at birth. The conflicting thoughts and desires we have may in part be to do with the influence of the Qarin. Very few people get to see a saya, or even recognise who it is.

Powers of the Hamzad

The Qarin are a particular kind of Jinn who have magical powers:

The parchai bring friendship between two people.

Bring news about a place you want to know about.

It can cause sickness and irritation.

Help your business, bring in clients

Remove a person from your life

Appear in physical appearance as someone else. This happened when I first met Punditt Maharaj, and later when I was doing a reading for someone, I did not know it was a Qarin until I saw Punditt Maharaj later and he told me about this spirit.

Inform about the cause of sickness or black magic suffered by a person.

The Hamzad will find misplaced, lost or stolen objects.

The Hamzad will tell information about enemies, what they are doing, etc.

The interesting thing is that the functions of the Hamzad are very similar to those questions asked at tarot readings and other fortune-telling readings, so I think the tarot reader is able to tap into some aspect of the hamzad, albeit unconsciously.

Very few people have the power and authority to work with the Hamzad. There are rituals or amal some do to contact their parchai, but they are all rather dubious.

Both Master Pundit Joshi and Sufi Noor Allah are expert at working with these spirits, so please contact them for advice.

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