Kala Sarp Dosha remedies

by Jan 21, 2015

Kala sarp dosha happens when all seven planets are either side of Rahu and Ketu, and is an indication of bad luck and obstruction to success and happiness.

Our healers are experienced in dealing with Kala Sarp Dosha, so please contact us to change your luck, success and happiness.

Since Rahu and Ketu are lunar nodes 180 degrees apart, there are 12 basic formations to consider.

Symptoms of Kala Sarp Dosha

In general, Kaal Sarp Yoga gives mental tensions, delay in gaining success and wealth, disputes in married life, lack of children. You have all wealth, fame but might suffer from unknown fear,  and tensions. You will have sudden gains and at the same time losses. Rises and reversals in fortune. All these problems can be healed, please contact me for help and advice.

Ananta Kala sarpa Yog – 1st-7th house

This conjunction of planets impact can cause an individual to suffer from disgrace, anxiety, inferiority complex and water phobia. Problems from government or many legal issues.

Kulik Kala sarpa Yog – 2nd-8th house

Problems with monetary loss, accident, speech disorder, strife in family, nervous break down and many such hazards.

Vasuki Kala sarpa Yog – 3rd-9th house

Difficulties with brothers or sisters, blood pressure, sudden death and loss borne due to relatives.

Shankhapal Kala sarpa Yog – 4th-10th house

Afflicted mother, estrangement from father, hard work, problems with job. Death in a foreign country.

Padma Kala sarpa Yog – 5th-11th house

Education problems, wife’s illness, delay in child-bearing and loss from friends.

Maha Padma Kala sarpa Yog – 6th-12th house

Lower back pain, headache, skin disease, decrease in monetary possession and demoniac possession.

Takshak Kala sarpa Yog – 7th-1st house

People act badly towards you, loss in business, dissatisfaction and unhappiness in marriage, accident, job problems, fear.

Karkautak Kala sarpa Yog – 8th-2nd house

Loss of ancestor’s property, sexually transmitted diseases, heart attack, and strife in family and danger poisonous creatures.

Shankhachud Kala sarpa Yog – 9th-3rd houses

Anti-religious activities, harsh behaviour, high blood pressure, constant anxiety and demurring behaviour of an individual.

Patak Kala sarpa Yog – 10th-4th house

Wicked and dissolute. Low blood pressure. One may experience ghost affliction or robbery in his house.

Vishadhar Kala sarpa Yog – 11th-5th house

Unstable life. You may go through problems related to children or imprisonment. Also strife between brothers is possible.

Shesnag Kala sarpa Yog – 12th-6th house

Defeat and misfortune. Eye related diseases. Secret enmity and clash and conflicts.

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