Evil eye cure

by Dec 12, 2014

Shanti karan for Evil Eye cure

The Shanti karan for curing all kinds of disease, evil spirits and the evil effects of the planets to bring peace of mind. Shanti karan is also used to please the gods.

An Evil Eye cure is possible, and when it happens, the results are quite amazing.  The results are  frustrating, depressing, and ultimately you can lose the will to live – there is no hope. Life literally dries up. For whatever reason you come to me for healing, be it love, work, money, health, career, etc, my experience is that you gain far more than that.

Spiritual Gifts after healing from Evil Eye

I see many people discover their spiritual gifts when cured from Evil Eye, including the ability to heal. It is amazing, but how can it be? To know why this is so we have to go back into the meanings of the word eye in ancient languages and its relationship to other words.

In Hebrew, eye is OYN, which has the value of 130, which is also the number of the Angel of Redemption, prophetic sayings, to pour out a drink. Here immediately see the dual nature of the Eye – one is to curse and destroy, and the other is to meet spiritual liberation, to bring flow back, and take you closer to your religion. It is as if the Evil Eye works from childhood to rob you of your of spiritual heritage. This is certainly something that happened to me!

The cause of the problem of Evil Eye is also the remedy. Another word with the value of 130 is to cut or wound, to be poor, but it also means to return, deliverance.

Similar to OYN is AYN, “nothing, not”, a negation, which at lower levels suggests to negate your, destroy whatever you have, but a higher level it refers to Spirit, which has no material attributions. As “ANY”, it means the Self, so clearly the Evil Eye makes you forget who you are, while the remedy of Evil Eye suggests that you remember who you are, what you are here to do in your life, and this is where you remember your spiritual powers. It is very powerful.

KLYA is also 61, a prison or confinement, which is how people feel when they suffer from the Evil Eye, but MChVZ  is a refuge or haven, and LAL is “to God”, and HVN, “Wealth”

The Evil Eye blinds you to your true purpose in this world, and the cure brings you back to health, happiness and wealth.

Mantra for Sun

Om kareeng Kareeng Karoong se Boumaye Namaha

Mantra for Moon

Om Sharang Shareeng Sharoong Se Chandaarmase Namah

Mantra for Mars

Om Karang kareeng Karoong Se Boumaye Nama

Mantra for Venus

Om darang dareeng daroong sa Shukraye nama

Mantra for Jupiter

Om jarangJareengjaroong se Curve Nama

Mantra for Saturn

Om Khang Kheeng Khong se Shaneye Nama

Mantra for Mercury

Om barang bareeng baroong Se Budhaye nama

Mantra for Rahu

Om Bharang Bharecng Bharoong Se Rahuaye Nama

Mantra for Ketu

Om Patasyuspasankasham Tarkagrahamastakam.
Roudram Roudfutmakam ghoram Tarn katum Pranamamyaham

If you would like help from Evil Eye call me!

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