Evil Eye

by Dec 11, 2014

Evil Eye is probably the most common type of black magic in the world, since anyone can do it – no skills needed! Evil Eye comes from  jealousy or envy, so if you are not jealous or envious, paradoxically you are more likely to suffer from it! How is this so? Because you tend to see the best in folks, and you prefer to hear good news, you think they are like you, so you tell them positive things about yourself and what is happening for you – you “big it up”. More often than not you are telling those whose nature is jealous or envious, so they end up hating you – the opposite result from what you intended. Furthermore, folks you love or care for will also be affected as the Evil Eye spreads its malign influence.

Everyone I have ever helped overcome Evil Eye all say the same thing: they cannot understand why others would be jealous of them as their life is not that wonderful – all kinds of problems from love, work, health, money, blocks to any achievement; the signs of evil eye – are going on but they generally don’t discuss with anyone, so everyone thinks everything is perfect.

Preventing Evil Eye

Let’s face it, they are always jealous of you whether or not your circumstances are good or not, so there is no point in fanning the fire is there? If someone is always negative or critical of others, you guarantee they are saying similar things to you, so it is better to declare to them your life is crap too. You won’t get sympathy, but at least they might not be so jealous of you.

The problem is of course that you have suffered from Evil Eye a lot longer than that – sometimes it is from childhood when you were even more innocent of the world. Evil Eye can be stopped, but like any problem avoiding jealous people, or at least not making them more resentful is a start. Finding out who uses Evil Eye is a shock – I know this from my experience!

Symptoms of Evil Eye

The symptoms of Evil Eye include a drying up of opportunities – nothing seems to go right, however much you try. There are blocks to your success in love, work, career, money, travel and health.


Evil Eye requires no training or talent – it is simply the result of obsessive or continuous thinking about a person, usually in a negative way. We know that everything in the Universe is connected – science tells us this, not just religions, so this obsessive thinking creates stronger connections. Clairvoyantly, these connections look like the strands of cheese you see when you lift up a slice of pizza; they are yellow, and older strands are rigid.

Curing Evil Eye

Curing Evil Eye is not easy, since there are usually many enemies, and the obvious ones are not always the worst or most dangerous. The danger is that because you are so positive even when you feel the opposite, your enemies will have to up their game, and use stronger methods of black magic or use a professional black magician.

There are ways to find out psychically and clairvoyantly who your enemies are and to deal with them so they can never harm you or people close to you again.

If you feel you have suffered from Evil Eye, contact me for help!

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