Videshan – Create problems & Enemies

by Dec 13, 2014

There are several types of Videshan used to make problems, and make people enemies to you.

Videshan causes everyone against you, all are ready to fight you,  and nobody can help you.


Videshan kriya

Vidweshan kriya is for breaking personal and legal relationships, and used against you.

Videshan tantra

Videshan tantra creates tension in the mind for a special person or for everyone. In that situation you always feel angry for small issues. You cannot control your mind and you will start crying or fighting with someone.  You lose your respect and reputation in front of everyone, sometime you can kill beloved person also and it will destroy your whole life, when you will realize it

Videshan Prayog

In your family, all members are fighting, There is no reason for fighting but it’s still happening, no one wants to listen anything. Everyone are behaving in the family as enemies, all members have no peace anywhere. All are crying, weeping, they need blood of family all are like devil that means any enemy did videshan work for your family. When anyone wants to destroy his enemy, relative, friends they do videshan. It can block minds, feelings, love, happiness, care etc. It can blocks all positive things of life.

Videshan Mantras

Use these mantras to create fights between two or more people.

Aak dhak dono bagrai, amuka amuki aise lade jaise kukur bilaai, adesh guru satya naam ko.

Mantra for creating differences between friends or lovers:

Om namah adesh guru satya naam ko, baarah sarson terah raai, baat ki mithi masaan ki chhaai, patak maru kar jal vaar —- phute, dekhe na —- dwar, meri bhakti, guru ki shakti, phuro mantra ishwaro vacha.

What are the symptoms of Videshan?

  • Your married life is perfect but everything changed. Your partner started behaving like enemy, fighting, avoiding physical relationships. The partner leaves and files for divorce
  • In love relationship, your partner promised marriage, but he is now seeing someone else, Or he does not listen, or he is rude or arrogant.
  • Despite doing your job your boss and colleagues give you problems
  • You feel frustrated, tense and angry
  • Unwanted and unexpected trouble in your life
  • Party, Celebration, Seminar everywhere all are trying to abuse you without any reason
  • Delays and failure in official or legal action, such as delays and problems in getting a passport or visa
  • You did vashikaran many times without success

If you have any of these problems call me for help

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