Pushti – Wealth

by Jan 10, 2015

Pushti or Wealth is the second Tantric karma, and it works to bring not just worldly success in term of money, property, success in business, but a sense of spiritual contentment – everything you need is at hand. To be wealthy means that you do not need to look outside or do anything more – you have all the things you need in your life at your disposal.

Pushti and Shanti

Pushti is related to Shanti in the sense that for shanti, peace, you do not desire for anything, even if you don’t have it, and you do not lose your mental equilibrium worrying over material gains in life.

Wealth brings jealousy

To have wealth often means to suffer from jealousy from those who think you are better off than you really are – the Evil Eye (which is removed with Shanti), so even if you are relatively poor and you do not aspire to be rich, you still need the benefits of Pushti so that when you gain, people do not try to steal it from you. Of course you have to be sensible – flaunting your gains is not a good idea.

The Work of Pushti is enable your deepest desires and aspirations to manifest in your life easily and effortlessly. So if you have struggled to fulfil your desires, or you have given up ever having desires fulfilled, so you never even bother to have them in the first place, or you are fearful of having desires fulfilled because of the problems from other people, Pushti is for you.

The ultimate aim of Shanti and Pushti is peace and prosperity throughout the world. When you benefit from Pushti you will the universe contributes to your life in so many ways, – new opportunities for success open up for you. As you gain in wealth and prosperity, then you will be in a position to contribute to wealth for others, perhaps by giving to charity or those less fortunate than you.

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