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by Jan 4, 2015

Secret Tantra – Ten Karmas in consciousness

Amongst many other secret tantra techniques, the teacher will use all ten karmas over a the years to prepare the student. Did you notice? All ten karmas are used many times, and in combination. As far as I know, nobody died during my apprenticeship.

How are those ten karmas used without ritual? Everything happens in consciousness. The student has to be assessed over a long period of time to see if he has the temperament, intelligence, stamina, character and aptitude to undergo this arduous process. There  are many tests, probably most of which the aspirant is completely unaware of. During this time preparations are made – the Tantrik will all his spiritual and psychological techniques to test and prepare, and to clear the path using Tantra.

The Key to tantra is pure consciousness, which is beyond the three gunas, which has no characteristics, and to all intents and purposes invisible. Silence is for success in tantra to help clients, a lot of talking is inadvisable. Pundit is a man of few words when it comes to tantric and spiritual work.

Preparation is key to tantra

For success in tantric rituals, a lot of preparation has to happen first, depending on the nature of the situation. Much of this work is done in consciousness by the Tantric using all ten karmas – which includes Maran, the so-called death tantra.

A troubled mind can cause failure in this work, so Shanti Karan is critical to bring about peace of mind, and remove depression and fears, problematic spirits, improve health, and remove the evil eye. Shanti karan can be done at any time of day, for the true Tantric already has a clear mind, and he has the power of sammohan, which is sometimes translated is hypnosis, but is actually the subtle power of the mind to find out problems and heal. if the mind is not settled through Shanti karan then sammohan is not possible. One product of Shanti karan is Pushti, which creates wealth, not just financially, but in terms of health and success in life. In some cultures wealth means plenty of children for example.

The works of Shanti karan and pushti clears the ground so that the situation becomes clearer. Some situations will need to change before the actual ritual, so jrambhan, change, Stambhan, stop, or Maran, kill, can all be employed depending on the circumstances. If an enemy cannot be dealt with immediately, he can be weakened through either videshan separation, or Ucchatan, mental disturbance. The use of all these karmas implies Vashikaran control.

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