Shanti – Peace

by Jan 9, 2015

Shanti Peace Karma removes sickness and evil

Shanti or peace is a passive concept – a feeling of quietness, silence, and stillness, but in the Ten Karmas Shanti is a powerful dynamic process that works to remove black magic, heal from sickness and illness, and to remove spirits.

How can Shanti by dynamic? It is through karma or action that unlike other types of karma result in karmic benefits of spiritual liberation. The practitioner of Shanti Karma benefits as much as the person being healed – liberation for both, and if spirits are involved, that spirit is also liberation.

So many people come to me, and when I ask what they are looking for, they all say peace of mind. To have peace of mind means fewer thoughts, and thoughts are not fearful or agitated, or thoughts that dwell on bad things. Ucchatan is the karma for creating a troubled, fearful mind, so Shanti is the antidote.

To have peace is a state without desires, for desires create more desires – we are never satisfied. If the desires are not satisfied, or they take time; stress and pressure result.

Benefits of Shanti

However, with Shanti Karma we have peace of mind and continue to live in the world, have possessions and desires, and aspire for more. Evil thoughts, illness and spirit possession are the obstacles to that peace. By removing these obstacles we create a powerful positive feedback loop that allows to have peace of mind, and live in the world so that at the least we are not creating negativity in the world, and at best we are able to bring peace to our surroundings and peace to others. Another benefit is that people will act in a harmonious and positive way towards you, and not creating distress and upset.

The main intent of black magic or sihr, or Jadu is to destroy shanti, implant negative and destructive thoughts, make us ill, and have problems with spirits.

It is the duty of the healer first to bring shanti to the client, even though they may wish love or happiness in relationships, or success in business, for as we know people blessed with the good things are not always happy.

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