Exploring black magic and healing

by Sep 9, 2014

Exploring black magic is a tricky subject, for I do not want to encourage this odious practice. Rather than describing how to do black magic – it is easy to do – I want to demonstrate what it does, and what can be done about it.

Black magic happens all around the world, in all cultures and all religions, all beliefs. Unfortunately, being a rationalist or skeptic is no defence – you can easily be a victim just as much as anyone else who believes or doesn’t believe. In fact, a particularly potent form of evil is to convince the victim that they don’t even have a problem! Black magic knows no bounds – it is truly universal. A black magician in one religion can easily attack someone in another religion.

Definition of Black Magic

One definition of black magic is to impose your will onto someone else so that they act in a way that is not their own will. It is the antithesis of “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”. An amazing number of Thelemites evidently do not understand this simple concept, for doing your own will must by definition not impose on the will of others.

In the criminal mind, if you do not have something you desire, you simply steal it. The same thing happens with black magicians. They love stealing energy from people! It can be for love, sex, money – the usual things – it is precious to black magician, and they will take from anyone they can. There is of course no consideration for the victim, and in my experience stealing is very common. Sometimes theft of energy is opportunistic, and sometimes it is targeted. When a victim is found, the pillaging is relentless.

Before you get too depressed, there are solutions! Contact me for advice and help!

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