Jaadu Tona / Jadu Tona – Black Magic

by Dec 17, 2014

Jadu Tona or Jaadu Tona is the Hindi term for black magic, which can come from the evil eye – jealousy or envy from people whether you have done anything or not, or more serious problems from black magicians. Jadu Tona includes magic from tantra, siddhi, and other forms of magic. If you do nothing, the situation will get worse for you, so speed is important.

Symptoms of Jadu Tona

The mental symptoms of Jadu Tona are: mental instability, negative thoughts, depression, delusions, bad decision-making. Physically, symptoms of Jadu Tona are: erratic heartbeat, throat is sore or constricted, bruises or marks appear on your skin for no reason. If nothing is done, the problems spread to relationships, marriage, work, career, and money, and spreads to other people.

  • Inability to look into someone else’s eyes
  • You become annoyed, irritable, or aloof
  •  The colour of the nails colour goes black
  • Continuous pains in the shoulders and head pain
  • Perfumes or scents appear and disappear spontaneously
  • Refusing to take a bath
  • The eyes become red
  • The desire to eat diminishes
  • Things get knotted or tied up together
  • The Tulsi plant will dry up completely and stop to grow at home
  • Arguments with friends and family members for no reason

Jadu Tona Totke

Jadu Tona Totke is one name for removing black magic. There are many methods to do this, so you need an expert to find out who has done the black magic, how the Jadu was done, and how to remove it.

If you suffer from Jadu Tona, please contact me for reliable and honest help.

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