Entities and Spirits problems

by Mar 30, 2015

There are many kinds of spirits and entities – they are generally nameless, and we do not seek to find a name for them. Entities are within us or around us, or live in the house, or any other place.  The entities are from past lives, or actions, or attractions we made, for many reasons. We may have been under the influence of drugs (including anaesthetic), alcohol, or simply from people around us.

Some entities and spirits are beneficial – these we do not have to remove. Other beneficial entities and spirits have the best intentions, but they may have secret agendas from ourselves that cause problems.

Sometimes the entities are causing trouble so they can be released. In all cases, there is nothing to be frightened of – help is at hand!

Problems with Evil Spirits

There are black magicians who can command evil spirits, but these are rare. What happens is that your enemies obsess about you so month over the weeks, months, and sometimes years, that they create a thought-form that becomes an entity or spirit. These are difficult to deal with, as obsession does not understand ‘stop’. If an ‘evil’ spirit is commanded by a magician, healing the problem is satisfactory, since it invariable turns out that the spirit is anything but evil! The spirit is so angry and frustrated that it seems demonic. By removing the source of the anger and frustration, the spirit naturally calms down and becomes friendly. The spirit is no longer under the control of the black magician, who loses some of his power base. The spirit is now very happy to collaborate with me instead.

Some black magicians know that I can turn an ‘evil’ spirit, so they go to great lengths to terrify these spirits against having anything to do with me. This is to my advantage, since when one of these spirits realise the truth – that I am a friend and I am helpful to spirits – they go and tell all the other spirits, and they will come to me for help.

The concept of ‘evil’ in evil spirit is a product of the dualistic western spiritual understanding. In reality, these spirits are rarely evil, and are grateful for released, j ust as much as the victim of black magic.

You may be surprised. It can be someone in the family or an apparent friend. Or it can be someone you have not even met. They may not even think they are doing black magic, as it is the intensity of their thought processes, continually going over perceived wrongs. Jealousy is strange, as you are not the jealous type. Then there are of course professional black magicians who appear in many guises all around the world.

Every society, belief system, religion, or spiritual system has black magic, and over the years, I have had to deal with all of them in some way.

Jadu or sihr cure involves healing  so you get relief from the pains and worry, and you get some mental peace. When your mind is clearer and you are stronger, you may have a better idea of what is happening, and who the culprit might be. The next stage is to actively work against the perpetrators, finding out their methods, and what they have done.

Then, the healing really starts, and it can change direction as new knowledge found. While this is continuing, we keep on healing you, finding things stolen from you emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically so you are back on your true path.

Some I have helped have gone on to become healers, and they help me to help others.

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