Uchchatan – remove an enemy

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Ucchatan is used to change the mood or mind of someone, and to get people or enemies out of your life – they leave their family, business home, their town, or even their country to escape. If someone has abandoned their family, they can be brought back perhaps through an illicit love affair, they can be brought back.


  • No peace in your life whatever you do
  • Being scared or frightened
  • Feeling angry at a person or family member for trivial reasons
  • Feeling you are being watched
  • Inability to concentrate and feeling depressed
  • Your personality is different from the morning to the evening
  • A sense of darkness and loneliness in your life
  • Feeling insecure and tense for no reason.
  • Feeling scared or depressed if you meet your enemy doing Ucchatan
  • You feel like someone controlling your body and mind
  • You feel heaviness in mind and physically very weak
  • Sometime you feel normal and sometimes abnormal
  • Sometime you feel pain inside whole body
  • You feel very sad and scary, helpless in night time
  • You have nightmares
  • Women feel like someone doing sex with you in dreams or raping you
  • Anger when you see god temple, churches and masjid
  • You feel very hungry sometimes for meat and alcohol
  • You start fighting with family and with friends
  • Your attitude changed
  • You can feel like you should kill yourself
  • Sometime in critical cases, you can behave like possessed person.
  • You can’t get peace in the heart and mind anywhere in the world.

Reasons for doing Uchchatan

Change a person’s mind

Use Uchchatan kriya  to change the mind of a person and punish him

Punish Enemies

Use Ucchatan mantra prayog is employed to punish enemies and get them away from you.

Remove enemies

Uchchtan tantra is employed to get unwanted or dangerous people out of your life

Remove a lover

Uchchatan prayog is used to easily remove the lover from your cheating partner sadhna

If you do not approve of your son or daughter’s partner, use this

Wife problems

To deal with your wife if she is giving you problems or she is seeing someone else so she changes her mind and comes to you

If you have problems from Uchchatan or require use of Uchchatan, contact me!

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