How to Solve or Remove Black Magic

by Dec 1, 2014

Before you can remove black magic, you need to know why people do black magic, the types, and the symptoms.

Sihir or Jadoo blocks your wisdom and intelligence; all your efforts to solve the problem come to nothing. If you are mentally blocked, you have negative ideas, bad dreams, and disturbed sleep. You feel heavy, and your throat is tight.

Marks on your body for no reason, or you have pains in the body. Your heart may race without cause. There are arguments with everyone for no purpose. You might sense a presence in your house.

Overwhelmed with the lack of achievement, a sense of suffocation, and restlessness – there is no peace of mind. Depression may lead you to consider suicide.

Over time, the number of problems rise, health worsens, and doctors are unable to find a cause. The  circumstances always worsens several days before the Full and the Dark Moon.

As the attacks continues, more areas get affected; your career or business, your finances, family. Fears tend to phobias, ruining your mental peace of mind. Illnesses become chronic. Your behaviour changes or is irrational in some way.

Whatever your destiny to receive gets taken from you, so you wonder what the point is, and you tend towards suicide.

Dominate someone mentally and physically by manipulating

The easiest method to get control of someone is to inflict on them pain and misery and bad luck, so they start to think and act differently. When the victim starts to change, the magician can then work to take over the thinking processes so he cannot think straight. With blocked thought, the magician can put his own thoughts in, and the victim does not realise.

Taking advantage of someone for personal gain

Personal advantage takes many forms. A woman could get kala jadu done to get a wealthy business man to fall in love with her so he is powerless and gives her his money and assets, while they look on in horror.

Revenge: Inflicting suffering

Out of intense jealousy or envy comes revenge, or it happens because of a business deal going wrong. Whatever you said or did something, or didn’t say or do something that upset someone, and you probably never even know it was a problem then. These kind of problems come from an elder who does not approve your lifestyle. Younger members are usually more concerned with getting on with their life.

To gain confidence of people

The magician uses Sihir to become trusted as member of a family so they get manipulated to the magician’s desires, even if they are from another culture or religion. The assets go to the black magician. Whatever the reason, it is not easy to cure and requires a lot more effort to cure.

Whether it is black magic, voodoo, kala jadoo or witchcraft, the effects intensify on and around the full and dark moon nights.

Curing the Two Types of Black Magic

In simple terms there is either a one-off spell, or a continued spell of black magic. This is usually done by a professional magician, and once the methods used are found out, it is fairly straightforward to remove by a healer and life returns to normal

This happens when the sufferer gets re-infected despite efforts to remove the black magic, and by an enemy intent on causing greatest pain and punishment. Often the enemy is intensely jealous of the victim, or the enemy is insulted or denigrated by the enemy in some way. Very often the sufferer has no idea that they have done something to create the situation. As a result of continuous actions the situation and symptoms spirals out of control, resulting in destruction or death. Combating this circumstance takes a lot longer to heal because many rituals are performed, and astral battles between the healer and the black magician before the enemy gives up.

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