Conscious Consecration

by Aug 26, 2015

Consciousness gives the power of consecration

Since consciousness is everywhere, consciousness permeates everything, it is possible to charge and consecrate any object, merely by thought – if you are already in a high state of awareness.

My friends have known for years that I do not use any kind of protection – pentagrams, hexagrams, magical weapons, magical circles, etc. How can I? Work continues 24/7 so I would have to stay closeted up in the sacred space in a room, never going out! Not employing any protection does not mean that I am not protected. What happens is that my protection comes from spirits and other entities who keep an eye on me. Some of my protectors are Hidden Masters. Studying magical systems to learn how to use them is a good idea, but I have a better method. I open so magicians and occultists can attack me, and when they do, I learn their techniques. It is like the automatic updates I get on the computer for computer viruses. I am always up to date. It is a wonderful system – I do nothing, and I get all the knowledge I need. Brilliant.

There are times when knowledge about events are required – I need to know the cause of these events, which can be illness, bad luck, misfortune, accidents, delays, etc. Usually within a minute or two I see the spirit who caused the situation, then I can do a deal with the spirit, who will tell me what really happened, why it happened, and what can be done to remedy it. The spirit very often appears demonic, but it it is angry at the way it has been treated – who likes being ignored? When the situation is dealt with, the spirit is not only happy, but very helpful in the future.

Healing can happen anywhere

Here is an example of a healing. I was in the pub ages ago with a friend, who mentioned that he had an appointment with his osteopath. I asked where the pain was, and he pointed to his shoulder and neck. I said nothing, and carried on chatting about other things. A minute later, I felt my shoulder drop, and his shoulder also dropped. I immediately asked him about the pain, and he was stunned to realise that it had gone. It turned out that he had another pain in his back, and I also fixed that silently, without fuss. He knew I could do things, but he was rather impressed. He rang to tell me that he bumped into one of his enemies the next day, who was double up with pain, and had a walking stick, and it seems that his problems appeared at the same time that my friend was cured. Now, all I concentrated on was healing, not where the problem came from, and I certainly was not concentrating on sending the problem to the source.

Enemies come and go, but they never seem to land the killer punch. It is very interesting. It is as if they are being worn down by their own actions. Here is a common example. A friend of mine was in a trashy temporary job in a hotel. For some reason a manager took a dislike to him, and put him on a warning, and there had to be a disciplinary meeting the next day at 10am. I told my friend not to worry. Next morning he was there before 10am. Time passed, an hour went by, and after a longer delay, another manager came up to him and apologised saying that his colleague had not turned up, and nothing was going to be done. A result! My friend did not want the job anyway, and found something else the next week, but it is always good to have a clean record.

Healing is such a vast area, and I am always finding new methods. Spirits who do psychic surgery are very good, and what is more, no fake blood and guts are necessary. All the work is done in consciousness, with Spiritual Powers. These Powers are glimpsed vaguely in western magic as the Holy Guardian Angel, singular, but we have many Powers who help us. How this works will be in another article.

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