How Spiritualism Works

How to be a Spiritualist

When I first began to read the palms and tarot, I had no idea I would also have to be a spiritualist. This was despite Punditt being a Master of Spirits. Punditt of course rarely spoke about his methods, so I was left in the dark. Nevertheless I had to learn to be a spiritualist, and it was not going to be the traditional way.

Traditional way of becoming a Spiritualist

The traditional way to become a spiritualist is to ‘sit in circle’ at a Spiritualist Church for several months. I have never done this myself, so I do not know exactly what happens, and people who have sat in circle have not been able to give a satisfactory answer either. Over the years I have had the opportunity to talk to many spiritualists who have sat in circle, run their own spiritualist church, and are experienced in platform work. Before I discuss my own experiences, of spiritualism, here is what you can expect if you go to a spiritualist church. I can only speak for a few churches in Brighton, and several visits to a spiritualist church in Washington DC, which was quite similar in experience.

In this section I give you the secrets of spiritualism so you can communicate yourself to spirits, and not have to use someone else to pass messages.

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