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Tarot and the Enochian Watchtowers

Using the technology of the Enochian Watchtowers, a Tarot reading takes on new dimensions. We could look upon this system as a plan view of the sequence of cards in the Opening of the Key, and to do this it is easier to tabulate the cards so that they are separated by the elemental types, following the order as they appear in the Enochian Watchtowers:

Subquadrants of the Watchtowers
Air Water
Earth Fire

Understanding the sub-angles of the Watchtowers

The subquadrant of an element is determined by counting the number of cards in the pile containing the significator, which gives us the element of the Major card. In the Abbey Theatre reading, Annie Horniman chose the Water pile, which had 19 cards, and the 19th card is the Moon, representing Water. The Moon card represents illusion and deception, not a good sign, but it gets positively worse when we look at the meanings of Water of Water. Geomantically, Water of Water is Rubeus, an evil sign.

Chris Zalewski, in her "Enochian Chess of the Golden Dawn" does an excellent analysis of the elements in each quarter:

The Water element is in tune with many nuances and subtleties. The Water Board is representative of awareness of the power of the subconscious mind, rules subconscious motivation, the subliminal and an attunement with the deeper dimensions of life. Although the Water element may be calm on the surface, there may be storms brewing underneath.

This element corresponds to the gaining of consciousness through a slow and sure realization of the Soul's deepest yearnings. Subjects covered are emotions, relationships on emotional levels, love, yearnings, healing, protection, organizations, anything requiring creative expression or formation, spiritual groups, psychic concerns.

We see that this perfectly covers the topic in question. The Theatre was certainly Annie Horniman's deepest desire. However, we are dealing with Water of Water, which is not such a happy consideration. To quote Chris Zalewski again:

Water Angle of Water Board - Briah of Briah

Concerning matters of suffering, and where a sacrifice takes place before the Soul can grow. Where relief from suffering is needed. Answers provided to difficult times. Concerning death, the afterlife. To find out the undercurrent of matters, the hidden, secret thoughts. Spiritual regeneration, the occult, the power of the Spirit in the affairs of the World. Where conclusions must be sought on matters above. Human rights. Very emotional matters.

The prognostication is not good. While it is excellent for finding out what is going on under the surface, we are dealing with loss, especially when it comes to business matters. While Mary Greer tells us Horniman followed the procedure for tarot divination precisely, it is clear that Horniman was perfectly capable of self-deception.

Thus far, we have a good idea of what we will find in the cards before we have even looked at them! The next stage is to write down the cards in a table similar to the one below. The Table represents the four quarters of the Water watchtower. The Major cards are placed in Water sub-quadrant, while the Minor cards go in the quadrant of their own element. The Wheel, since it is associated with a planet, is placed at the centre of the table, and represents Jupiter, associated Senior of Water.

Immediately we see that the Significator, the Queen of Swords is isolated with only the 2 and 4 Swords for company. The Knight of Cups has the Major cards, and he holds the expectation, 3 Cups. The Prince of Wands is aggressive with the 3, 5 and 10 Wands, while the Page is more practical and down to earth. Following the rules of Elemental Dignities we would expect the Prince to be an enemy, while the Knight and Prince should be friends to Horniman, even if they are not friendly to each other. Since we know illusion and deception are strong, we should take care to look below the surface.

Subquadrants of the Watchtowers
1 2
3 4
  1. Queen Swords: 2 Swords, 4 Swords
  2. Knight Cups, Fool, Justice, Emperor, 3 Cups
  3. Page Disks, 2 Disks, 3 Disks, 4 Disks, 8 Disks
  4. Prince Wands, 3 Wands, 5 Wands, 10 Wands

Below are the interpretations I have given for the Major cards in the sub-quadrants according to elemental dignities. The Egyptian God attributions are as given by the Golden Dawn, while the attributions of each deity is from Jerry Schuler's 'Enochian Magic'. Again, the prognostication is not good. The emotions appear to be ruling the head.

Fool: Tuamautef - Spiritual protective force, fertility, endurance
Launching into a new emotional experience that threatens to engulf, since there is a lack of fire to cause action.
Justice: Hapi - Endurance, emotional protective force, abundance.
A situation that is not resolved. No-win situations.
Chariot: Isis - Solidification, manifestation, nature, love, law
Failure of action due to passivity, or fear of loss or death
Emperor: Sothis - Initiation, evolution, growth
Compassionate feelings overtake actions. Actions that promote emotional liberation. Intense feelings. Heated water. Evaporation of a liquid. Death. Violence and aggression come to naught in the face of passive resistance.

Significantly, there is a total lack of Earth in the Major cards. Since the elements do not act in isolation, we would expect them to migrate towards the missing element, Earth. The problem here is that Horniman's Significator is the Queen of Swords, which is the enemy element. So, while Earth and Air repel, we would expect Fire and Water to be attracted to Earth.

The insights gained from this perspective can be put into the analysis of the Counting and Pairing techniques we have already covered.

Magical Rituals

The above analysis may suggest potential for designing a ritual or magical operation for a particular objective using the Opening of the Key tarot spread. The indications of this reading are very negative for performing a ritual, but one could also take the view that problems may have been caused by black magic.

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