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Sigils - Bringing Life from Dark Matter & Energy

A sigil is an abstract line drawing that embodies the power of a spirit. By drawing the sigil as part of a ritual, the magician can invoke that spirit. The classic version is in the Abramelin rituals for invoking Goetic spirits. However, there is a problem, sigils do not work! The reason they do not work is that the magician works within the Tree of Life system which does not work either. The Voodoo system, which is far older than kabbalism maintains the sigil system, or vevers, but here again, the Tree of Life has been incorporated to the detriment of the entire process.

We use crystals programmed with Sigils, particularly the Goetic, Geomantic and Liber 231 Crystals, and Beryl Stockman's system. The Sigils work because they interact with the Earth energies of the quartz crystals, which sets up a resonance with Earth's own energies. The dialectic of solid Earth is Space, and it is within the dialectic of opposites that real spiritual and mystical power resides. Power crystals personify that dialectic of mystical power that transcends any other magical system, and gives you the user immense benefits. Using our crystals gives you the benefits of Universe A and Universe B.

The development of Power crystals as powerful instruments for working the Dark Matter and Dark Energy that composes over 90% of the Universe, and is invisible to science, opens the way for Sigils or Symbols to work in the way they were intended.

Each sigil or symbol represents autonomous power that is not evident in this Universe A, but is a concrete reality in Universe B. In other words, in our 'normal' universe all we see is abstract lines on a piece of paper, but when we look through the Eyes of Universe B, we see the Spirit it represents, and we can work with them.

Michael Bertiaux is a master of the the Dark Powers, and he says:

"It is not enough to say that the symbol is the sign which suggests something mystical. The symbol must be a machine or engine for the generation of magical power in its own way, not in any way which depends on the mere mind of the practitioner... Voudou is the science that handles powers as they are in themselves, not because of what we think."
Hecate's Fountain, Kenneth Grant

In practice this means that rather than the magician attempting (and failing) to dominate the spirit, or cause the spirit to appear in ways that conform to the magician's demands, there is a peaceful coexistence between man and spirit that engenders fruitful dialogue, generation of ideas, spiritual growth, mystical experiences and many other benefits for you.


The concept of animating sigils from Dark Matter and Energy can be extended further to Talismans and alphabets, including the Hebrew language. Say you want to skry into the Hebrew letter Aleph. Have the letter in front of you on a piece of clean paper, or simply visualise it. To Skry the Universe of Dark Matter and Energy, see 'beyond' the letter, into a dark hidden room of infinite size, and you may see some spirits. You will also start to have a dialogue with those spirits, not necessarily verbally, and with time you will see more and more.

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