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Psychic Protection with Obsidian Crystals

The healing powers of obsidian have been recognised for centuries:

Obsidian is a very protective stone, and is excellent for removing negativity. It is also excellent protection against psychic attacks. In particular obsidian protects the gentle from abuse. It is a very grounding stone, and very healing. Physically it benefits the stomach; intestines, muscle tissue, and can rid one of bacterial or viral infections. It sharpens and focuses internal and external vision, and helps get in touch with buried issues before they explode. Obsidian is related to the root chakra.

The association with the stomach area is particularly interesting since even with the removal of larvae from the naval area, the stomach is not necessarily strong enough. In the light of the comments concerning dark matter, these healing properties are most apt.

Rules of Spiritual Development

Never confuse spiritual levels: contact dark matter spirits (spirits who represent dark energy) at the level of dark matter. Spirits that appear as dark matter but are found in light matter are masquerading.

To differentiate between light and dark matter, the ability to clairvoyantly see the ‘blue light on black’ of mudshadows is vital. Premature connection to dark matter is incredibly painful and can manifest as physical illness or disease.

Use quartz crystals from us to purify your body and surroundings.

Use obsidian crystals to purify the connection to dark matter. Obsidian creates filters and maintains connections to dark matter. Obsidian devours mudshadows and other entities masquerading as dark matter/energy.

Using Obsidian Crystals

The obsidian should be kept with the user at all times for protection, and works best in conjunction with the quartz crystals.

Working with Dark Magick

Modern physics estimates that only 10% of the matter in the universe can be seen. The rest is referred to as dark matter. Even though dark matter has mass, therefore weight, the particles that are believed to comprise dark matter such as neutrinos have no mass so it is currently undetectable.

Modern magicians have quite rightly derived inspiration from the latest physics theories, such as M Theory, but since none of these theories fully incorporate an understanding of dark matter, we have to conclude that magic and spiritual systems are only functioning in 10% of the universe!

This is an intolerable situation since the magician or spiritual seeker should be master or mistress of the universe. Even if we believe, as is the case, the magickal and spiritual universe is far greater than anything envisaged by science, the idea that 90% is unavailable is unimaginable. What has gone wrong, and how can we rectify the situation?

One particularly fruitful source has been the Voudoun loas. Approached the right way, the Loas are friendly and helpful, totally unlike their reputation. The problems with Loas are the black magicians and those who imprisoned them. Although we associate the Loas with Voodoo, West Africa and Caribbean countries such as Haiti, they originated in ancient Egypt. Something happened to shift the geographical location westwards. The Loas are in fact part of the missing dark matter. They are cousins of the Goetia who have also been mistreated and misunderstood. Also related are the Tarot spirits of Liber 231 whose origin is Egyptian, and were rediscovered by Aleister Crowley, and can be contacted using the system of divination discussed in my book The Tarot and the Magus. Do we see a pattern developing?

In the Golden Dawn system, we find tarot at the pinnacle, along with the Enochian magic. The tarot and Enochian are intimately related. So where does Enochian fit into this? Enochian is the most powerful system of magic known, and it could be that the Enochian spirits were used to control the Loas.

Now, the Loas, Spirits of Liber 231, the Goetia and Enochian are all related, and constitute a major part of the missing dark matter in the universe. They have all been denigrated, disempowered, controlled, weakened, and otherwise demeaned in the eyes of the world. In some respects this is easy to do, since we cannot see dark matter! How would we know since we cannot even see them or understand their world?

Returning back to the 10/90 split between the two types of matter in the universe. Assuming that neither the twain shall mix, there would nevertheless be an attraction between the two. The visible 10% that would be attracted to the invisible 90% - and that is the spiritual experience, the desire to travel towards the Unknown. At the junction point between light and dark matter it is possible for light forms to masquerade as dark forms, but since they cannot know the reality of the dark, they are mere parodies of the power and beauty that lies within the dark matter. What are these parodies? Step forward the archons, mudshadows, and all other kinds of degenerate forces. Since they operate at levels close to that of the dark matter, they have the power to appear to be dark matter operatives, and they have the appearance of those powers, but it is all illusion. The proximity of these entities predatory to human beings so close to the dark matter results in them being used as lens to view dark matter, obscuring our view, and ensures that we see however dimly only in ways that these entities allow us to. Coupled with the fact that the Beings of dark matter are by definition almost invisible, it is not surprising that we are in the situation of not knowing.

Over a period of time working intensely with crystals it is possible to reach a stage where the archons and mudshadows are so weakened around the magician that dark matter starts to shine through. ‘Shine’ is probably not the best word to describe this process, but once the association with dark matter grows closer, the mudshadows do not appear as transitory black shadows; they have light blue neon glowing patches on black which tells the viewer that they are not dark matter at all. Dark matter stays dark. With experience it is possible to see blue patches on black floating in the air.

Carlos Castaneda did not have the power to fully penetrate to dark matter, but he got close, so we have to read his writings knowing that they are filtered through masquerading entities.

Obsidian – Power crystals of Dark matter/energy

My own research has found that obsidian rather than quartz has a particular association with dark matter. The ancient Mexicans were Toltecs, who used obsidian extensively. The Ancient Egyptians used obsidian in talismans, which had to be imported from Ethiopia. Coming closer to the present day, John Dee used an obsidian mirror to skry the Enochian system. This is particularly significant since Enochian is the most powerful system of magic yet discovered, and within the system are multiple levels of universes that are still largely unexplored. Pat Zalewski, author of ‘Golden Dawn Enochian Magic’ says:

“… I prefer small, jet-black obsidian balls, which also have an extraordinary effect that not only alleviates tension, but generally gives the whole system a shot in the arm.”

When I first created and worked with quartz crystals, I made several sets of Enochian magick crystals with the intention of offering them on my website, but for some reason they never ‘felt right’, and it was not until I realised that dark matter was the key, and the connection between the crystal and dark matter makes the difference.

Sex Magick

A pair of quartz and obsidian crystals used in sex magick creates beings similar to the mudshadows, which allows the user to maintain extended periods of contact with the junction point between light and dark matter. These entities are not ‘anti’ mudshadows, they perform a different function, and create an environment where mudshadows and other negative entities cannot function.

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