Consciousness Healing using Tarot, Crystals

Healing & Black Magic (Sihr)

There are many reasons for needing healing.

  • Black Magic
  • Remove blocks to progress
  • Physical ailments
  • Help in finding love
  • Help in finding work
  • Spiritual development

Healing Crystals

Crystals have been used for thousands of years for healing; they are an expression  of the healing power of the Earth. Whenever healing takes place for a person, there is also healing for the Earth.

Punditt Maharaj

There is a saying that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I think this is what happened to me. Now that Punditt has gone into Silence, it is my task to continue his work. Punditt directs me from within my own awareness, through insights and dreams, never directly. The signs are usually very subtle, easy to miss. Every day I receive new knowledge in the form of visions, insights and spiritual techniques including Yoga and Sufism

Tarot and Consciousness

Pure consciousness has no characteristics - if it did it would not be pure - but we can say it is eternal, infinite, immortal, unbounded, unitary, without boundaries, without division. Pure consciousness is the Silent Witness, unmovable; it is not creation, but it watches change. Pure consciousness is Unchanging.

Tarot, on the other hand is all about differentiation, meaning, fortune telling, isn't it? That is the common view, but from a mystical and spiritual perception, the Tarot is the Pure Self, Whole, Complete. In NLP terms, tarot readers chunk down to smaller and smaller pieces, which fragment, and the Whole is lost. In contrast, chunking up delivers the totality of the knowledge. Rather than the aim of tying down things to each tarot card, which is like putting the pin in the butterfly - yes you have the butterfly, but it is dead - we aim to blur the boundaries, and allow freedom of movement. As an example, when we look at a map we can clearly see the boundary of the county or country, but on the ground, that boundary may be invisible.

Here on, divinatory meanings and keywords are entirely absent. If you need more information on the divinatory meanings, please go to our sister site.

Spiritual transformations with the Tarot

Spiritual transformations with the Tarot are not about the meanings of the cards, individual cards, or tarot spreads - it is the inner workings that matter. Apart from the time spent with my teacher Punditt Maharaj, I have been working with a small group of Adepts who are passionate about exploring consciousness and spiritual growth.

Identify problems, find solutions with the Tarot

Used the correct way, the Tarot can be used to identify problems to spiritual growth, and provide solutions ro remove obstacles. There are many spiritual powers and treaditions associated the tarot cards.

Tarot Visions

The result of the spiritual view of the Tarot is naturally Visions. Here are some examples of what can happen:

Spiritual Powers - the Goetia and Howlings

The 72 Goetic spirits are associated with the Minor Arcana of the Tarot. They are supposed to be very difficult to work with, but the opposite is true. No need for invocation or evocation, the Goetia appear naturally as a result of the spiritual understandiing and working with the tarot. Their cousins, Liber 231, associated with the Major Arcana, are also very helpful.

Spiritual Working

Spiritual Mastery is Self Mastery, which takes many years. While this is going on, another kind of Spiritual Mastery is required - learning to deal with powerful Spiritual Currents that manifest as individual and groups of Spirits. One such group are the Jinn, otherwise known as the Goetia in the West. A lot of my spiritual work involves removing or transforming the consequences of magical workings done by others, or removing obsessions.

Paul Hughes-Barlow, Tarot reader and spiritual healer

Paul Hughes-Barlow, Tarot reader, clairvoyant, and healer

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