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What do spirits look like?

What do spirits look like? The Judaeo-Christian system that inspired kabbalism tells us that angels appear in long robes, with wings if they are related to the air, or seated on thrones. Many spirits will have attributes of royalty, looking like Kings, Queens, etc. All the rest by definition are demonic, therefore evil, and must be destroyed. Yes, the Daleks go back a long way. Islam by contrast tells us that spirits can appear in any shape or form, while the original word in the Bible simply means ‘messenger’, with no other description. Punditt would never elaborate on ’spirit’. He would just say ’spirit’, which was deeply frustrating for me for many years, but now I am so grateful for his abstract answer.

Spirits choose how they appear

The truth is, Spirits appear how they want to appear, just as we choose to comb or colour or hair, wear a particular style of clothes, clutching our mobile phone, etc. Spirits often choose to appear in a form that is already known historically, such as the Goetia, who are actually the Jinn. Just as it is difficult these days to establish the power or importance of a person by the way they dress, the same problems apply to seeing spirits. As you know, I abandoned years of adherence to the Qabalistic Tree of Life with its tedious methods of angelology and heirarchies.

The last few weeks have been interesting - some spirits seemed to have disappeared, and it took a while to figure out what is going on. We have established that western methods of classification are pointless. However, the Jinn/Goetia seemed to have changed, giving rise to much speculation.

How many versions of the Goetia are there? There is the traditional western Abra-Melin view - and I have recently seen magicians trying to re-establish this method. There are my methods founded on the Punditt’s method where no invocations or rituals or torture are required, and the Goetia spontaneously appear whenever they like, and are great fun and very helpful (I keep on using the term Goetia because it is more familiar than Jinn to westerners). I introduced the Goetia to a civilian remote viewer, who was fine for a while, but because he was still stuck in western methods came to see the Goetia as evil, and denounced them as such.

Recently, I came across several more remote viewers who had not only viewed all the Goetia, but had ‘liberated’ them all. Wow! I was impressed. They had drawings of each one which had no relationship to the way I and my colleagues see the Spirits, and they had attributed these infernal spirits with fittingly demonic powers. The liberation of these spirits was going to result in death and destruction throughout the world, which although not very nice, was necessary. I thought the counter of the current deaths of American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan was sending out a rather ambiguous message, for I have been pondering why there seem to be forces hell-bent on dismantling the UK Army, in particular. Being British this is of far more concern to me than the Americans, particularly as I have an number of currently serving and ex military clients.

Remote Viewing and the CIA

So, there are at least three remote viewers who claim to be able to invoke the goetia, and who both see the Goetia as incredibly evil. What is going on?

Remote Viewers are people who follow orders, and are middle class westerners. The CIA and other western organisations find these people, train them up, using objective methods, and set them loose looking for military targets that are too difficult to target using satellites or spies. The results as ever seem to be ambiguous. However, these two talented gentlemen claim to have predicted the exact day Saddam Hussein would be found! Well done! Now, what is wrong that? A lot actually, because of course the assumption at the time would be that with Saddam captured all those nasty Iraqis and foreign fighters would pack up their bags and go home. If the CIA had asked me (and none of those organisations ever did), I would have said that Saddam would be found underground (he was), no idea where, and it would make no difference to the fighting. See? That is the problem. The agenda for finding something out. Westerners saddled with an ineffectual Judaeo-Christian model of the world can only see Something coming from Something, a sideways movement at best, and a downward slide in any other way. Since the Unknown is incomprehensible, it is ignored. Seeing Something is a much lower level than the Nothing (the Ghayb), which is only penetrable through many years of spiritual work and the Grace of the Masters, Remote Viewers are stuck in a Hell of their own creation. ‘Liberating spirits’ the RV way is bound to end in Frankensteinian tears. Maybe this is how the Golem was created?

Since what we perceive is a projection of ourselves, when we create something from Something, we can only create from ourselves - the creation is an aspect of ourselves without any kind of Spiritual dimension. Hence Remote Viewers are entirely correct to call their creations Demonic.

Unfortunately I lack this kind of power, and rely instead on manifestation coming from the Ghayb, which evidently does not need ritual, or any kind of religious structure to support it. By implicitly linking the Goetia/Jinn to the Ghayb, I am able to see them without prejudice.

Shape-shifting Spirits

Spirits shape-shift - they can appear in whatever form they like. When they do not appear in a familiar guise, it is often a sign that work needs to be done, and when this is complete, they revert to their usual appearance. However, often once the work is done, their appearance either stays the same, or it changes to something else. When this happens, it is a sign that we are seeing more of their true nature.

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