The New Way to Goetic Experience

How do you Visualise the Goetia?

A number of people have asked me about how to visualise the Goetic spirits, as they are struggling. Well, there is a very good reason for why it is so difficult - visualisations do not work! Visualising is a western magical technique, and as you are aware from reading this blog, western magic is not very good at summoning the Goetia. If you get the address wrong, are you surprised the recipient does not receive the message? If you get the name wrong, are you surprised if someone does not respond immediately? Western magicians are obsessed with getting the name right, and they have to interrogate the spirit to ensure the entity is really what it says it is.

Torturing the Goetia does not work

This tells us that the magician is always at a disadvantage - he doesn’t know! Unfortunately, Aleister Crowley did not help us when invoking the Goetia when he described them as aspects of the mind. Quite why torturing the mind is going to work, I do not know. The truth is, if the magician is in the Zone, relaxed, attentive and alert, he will be able to communicate with the Goetia, if they so desire. It is interesting that the first contact with the Goetia is through dreams, with the common thread that they do not look the way they were expected to look like! If the spirits do not look like what you expect, how on earth are you supposed to visualise them?

Think about it. If you see the spirit you have visualised, what have you seen? Your visualisation. The mind can easily play tricks, as the various magical journals proclaim (actually, they say the spirit plays tricks). So the magician then has to go through the laborious process of interrogation and confirmation to see if the contact is genuine.

What sensations do you get when contacting the spirit? Again, if you read the journals, it is Gothic, scary, just like a horror movie, complete with changes in temperature, the stench of various powerful perfumes that are supposed to help invoke the reluctant spirit. Physically, there can be all kinds of sensations, some of them overpowering.

Subtle experiences of working with the Jinn

Let me tell you my experience, and the experience of my colleagues. There may be a trace of the scent of rose. There is no change of temperature. My awareness does not change, except to expand. Physically, I am relaxed. I can be walking down the road, or sitting at my computer, chatting via instant messenger to a colleague, who is also seeing the same spirits. Notice the plurality - we see the entire company of the spirits, and where necessary one or two of them in particular depending on what needs to be done. Spirits are not experienced externally - I do not use magical circles - they are formed within the awareness, which means that they can be seen either separately, or within myself, still within the awareness.

You see, there is no invocation - I think of them, and they are there; it is happening as I type this blog. If I think of them, it means they are there. The fact is, it is the spirits who desire contact with us, so apart from being receptive, balanced, calm, peaceful, and non-prejudiced, there is a very good chance we will see them.

I said visualisation is pointless, but I have to say that they do look like the classic descriptions, which aids identification. I often get the name before I see the spirit, and I will either ‘hear’ it (i.e., a thought), or see the name. If more ID is required, then the spirit will appear as it is supposed to. There is no externalisation here, so don’t expect a full size spirit standing before you. In fact, gross materialization is entirely pointless, a waste of energy. If the communication is good, and the work is done, why need more than that? All the parapsychological apparatus used by ghost hunters will not see one tiny blip, before, during or after.

Goetia as aspects of consciousness

If the spirits are not part of the mind or brain, what are they aspects of? Consciousness, pure and simple. We can measure brain waves, but we cannot measure consciousness.

Attitude is also important, and respect. If you want results, forget about exploitation. They are not there to do your bidding, get you laid, or all those other reasons for invoking spirits. If that is the case, what is the point? Spiritual development. Spiritual development for the magician, and for the Spirits. Spirits want to evolve and work with man. If you adhere to the philosophy behind the Tree of Life, that statement is incomprehensible. Spirits are supposed to be jealous of man’s progress. Spirits cannot evolve- they are stuck at their own level. That, I am afraid, is our arrogance that blinds us to progress. Partnership, not domination is the key.

I have used the term ‘Goetia’ and ‘Goetic’ purely because that is what we think they are, but actually they should be known as Jinn, their correct term. The Jinn are described in the Koran, where there are no techniques for invocation. This is significant. Devotion to God, reciting the Names of God, and understanding the relationship the Jinn have to God, the Prophets and mankind is the key. Forget the sensationalist, ignorant and prejudiced comments about the Jinn - it is all rubbish.

Arabic origins of the Jinn

Now, you might object that none of the names of the Goetic spirits are arabic. This is true. Some of them are clearly names of pagan gods, and many of the others are probably corrupt. Think of this, how many times has the name of a country changed? Here in the UK, I am English born in London, I now live on the south coast in Brighton, and my country is England, the United Kingdom, or Great Britain, or an Island on the northwest coast of Europe. All of them are correct, and the shape of the island I live on is instantly recognisable. I have answered to all of these titles at some time or another - names change. What does not change so quickly is form. Everybody has seen the landmarks of London in photos and films; the red buses, Houses of Parliament, the Thames, etc. Even though these landmarks change, they are familiar. This tells us that the name can change, but the form rarely does.

Vedic influences

Contacting the spirits is similar. Vedic systems discuss nama, rupa, or name and form. Knowing the name and form of a spirit is enough for the adept to contact, communicate, and gain knowledge. So, even though we know that Jinn is the correct term, we can still use the westernised Goetic names, and the classic descriptions of them. In fact, that is all the information on the Goetia that I use now. I have discarded terms such as Marquis, President, etc, and the ‘powers’ (which are so medieval and dated, no use for the modern world), and the numbers of legions.

So, to summarise, how should you feel when you contact the Jinn? Normal. Do you need ritual robes, wands, swords, and other impedimenta? No. Does the atmosphere change? No. They appear in your own awareness, speaking your language. In fact the experience is so subtle, that the biggest danger is missing them entirely!

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