The New Way to Goetic Experience

Powers of the Goetic Spirits from 37 - 72

The traditional powers and description of the Goetic spirits as they appear are described below. See the full list for the astrological attributions.


PhenexPhenex appears as a phoenix, with the voice of a child.

He speaks of all Sciences if required. He is a Poet, good and excellent. He is willing to do your requests.

Halphas, or Malthus

HalphasHalphas appears as a stock dove and speaks with a hoarse voice.

He builds Towers and fortifications, and sends warships to places appointed.


MalphasMalphas appears as a crow, then a human shape. He speaks with a hoarse voice.

He can build Houses and High Towers, and bring to your Knowledge of your Enemies' desires, thoughts and actions. He gives Good Familiars.


RaumRaum appears as a crow, then in human shape.

His office is to steal Treasures out of King's Houses and to carry it whither he is commanded, and to destroy Cities and Dignities of Men, and to tell all things, Past, and What Is, and what Will Be; and to cause Love between Friends and Foes.


FocalorFocalor appears as a man with gryphon's wings.

His office is to slay Men, and to drown them in the Waters, and to overthrow Ships of war, for he has Power over both Winds and Seas; but he will not hurt any man or thing if he be commanded to the contrary by the Exorcist.


VeparVepar appears as a mermaid.

Her office is to govern the Waters, and to guide Ships laden with Arms, Armour, and Ammunition, etc. thereon. And at the request of the Exorcist she can cause the seas to be stormy and to appear full of ships. Also she makes men to die in Three Days by Putrefying Wounds or Sores, and causing Worms to breed in them.


SabnockSabnock appears as an armed soldier with a lion's head, riding on a pale horse.

His office is to build high Towers, Castles and Cities, and to furnish them with Armour, etc. Also he can afflict Men for many days with Wounds and with Sores rotten and full with Worms. He gives Good Familiars at the request of the Exorcist.

Shan, Shax, or Shaz, or Shass

ShaxShax appears as a stock-dove, speaking with a hoarse voice, but also subtle.

His Office is to take away the Sight, Hearing, and Understanding of any Man or Woman at the command of the Exorcist; and to steal money out of the houses of Kings, and to carry it again in 1,200 years. If commanded he will fetch Horses at the request of the Exorcist, or any other thing. He can discover all things that are Hidden, and not kept by Wicked Spirits. He gives good Familiars, sometimes.


VineVine appears as a lion riding a black horse, holding a viper in his hand.

His Office is to discover Things Hidden, Witches, Wizards, and Things Present, Past, and to Come. He, at the command of the Exorcist will build Towers, overthrow Great Stone Walls, and make the Waters rough with Stones.

Bifrons or Bifrous, or Bifrovs

BifronsBifrons appears as a monster, then as a man.

His Office is to make one knowing in Astrology, Geometry, and other Arts and Sciences. He teaches the Virtues of Precious Stones and Woods. He changes Dead Bodies, and puts them in another place; also he lights seeming Candles upon the Graves of the Dead.

Uvall, Vual, or Voval

VualUval appears as a dromedary, then as a human. He speaks Egyptian, imperfectly.

His Office is to procure the Love of Women, and to tell Things Past, Present, and to Come. He also procures Friendship between Friends and Foes.


HaagentiHaagenti appears as a bull with gryphon's wings, then as a man.

His Office is to make Men wise, and to instruct them in divers things; also to Transmute all Metals into Gold; and to change Wine into Water, and Water into Wine.


CrocellCrocell appears as an angel.

He speaks Mystically of Hidden Things. He teaches the Art of Geometry and the Liberal Sciences. He commands the water element.


FurcasFurcas appears as cruel old man with a long beard and a hoary head, riding on a pale horse, holding a sharp weapon in his hand.

He teachs the Arts of Philosophy, Astrology, Rhetoric, Logic, Cheiromancy, and Pyromancy, in all their parts, and perfectly.


BalamBalam appears with three heads; first of a bull, second of a man, and third of a ram. he has the tail of a serpent, and flaming eyes. He rides a furious bear, carrying a goshawk in his fist.

He gives True Answers of Things Past, Present, and to Come. He makes men to go Invisible, and also to be Witty.


AllocesAlloces appears as a soldier or warrior upon a great horse.

His Office is to teach the Art of Astronomy, and all the Liberal Sciences. He brings Good Familiars.

Camio or Caim

CamioCaim appears as a thrush, but then a man carrying a sharp sword.

His Office is to give the Understanding of all Birds, and all other Creatures; and also of the Voice of the Waters. He gives True Answers of Things to Come.

Murmur, or Murmus

MurmurMurmur appears as a warrior riding upon a gryphon, wearing a ducal crown. Before him are his ministers with trumpets.

His Office is to teach Philosophy perfectly, and to constrain Souls Deceased to come before the Exorcist to answer those questions which he may wish to put to them, if desired.


OrobasOrobas appears at first as a horse, then as a man.

His Office is to discover all things Past, Present, and to Come; also to give Dignities, and Prelacies, and the Favour of Friends and of Foes. He gives True Answers of Divinity, and of the Creation of the World. He is very faithful and will protect from temptation from any Spirit.

Gremory, or Gamori

GremoryGremory appears as a beautiful woman, a duchess's crown tied about her waist, riding a camel.

Her Office is to tell of all Things Past, Present, and to Come; and of Treasures Hid, and what they lie in; and to procure the Love of Women both Young and Old.

Ose, or Vosa

OseOse appears as a leopard, later as a man.

His Office is to make one cunning in the Liberal Sciences, and to give True Answers of Divine and Secret Things; also to change you into any Shape that you please, that will be believed by others.

Amy, or Avnas

AmyAmy appears as flaming fire, then as a man.

His office is to make one Wonderful Knowing in Astrology and all the Liberal Sciences. He gives Good Familiars, and can find Treasure that is kept by Spirits.

Oriax, or Orias

OriasOriax appears with the face of a lion, riding a mighty horse with a serpent'stail. He holds two great hissing serpents in his right hand. His Office is to teach the Virtues of the Stars, and to know the Mansions of the Planets, and how to understand their Virtues. He also transforms Men, and he gives Dignities, Prelacies, and Confirmation thereof; also Favour with Friends and with Foes

Vapula, or Naphula

Vapula Vapula appears as a lion with gryphon's wings.

Her Office is to make Men Knowing in all Handcrafts and Professions, also in Philosophy, and other Sciences.


ZaganZagan appears as a bull with gryphon's wings.

He makes Men Witty. He can turn Wine into Water, and Blood into Wine, also Water into Wine. He can turn all Metals into Coins of the realm. He can even make Fools wise.

Volac, or Valak, or Ualac

ValacVolac appears as a child with angel's wings, riding on a two-headed dragon.

His gives true answers of Hidden Treasures, and to tell where Serpents may be seen. He will bring the treasure to you easily.


AndrasAndras appeasr as an angel with a head like a black night raven, riding upon a strong black wolf.

His Office is to sow Discords.


HauresHaures at first like a mighty leopard, then as a human with fiery eyes and a terrible countenance.

He gives True Answers of all things, Present, Past, and to Come. He will, lastly, talk of the Creation of the World, and of Divinity, and of how he and other Spirits fell. He destroys and burns up your Enemies should you desire it; also he will not let you to be tempted by any other Spirit or otherwise.


AndrealphusAndrealphus appears as a noisy peacock.

He teaches Geometry. He makes Men very subtle therein; and in all Things pertaining unto Mensuration or Astronomy. He can transform a Man into the Likeness of a Bird.


CimejesCimejes appears as a warrior riding a handsome black horse.

He rules over all Spirits in the parts of Africa. His Office is to teach perfectly Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric, and to discover things Lost or Hidden, and Treasures.

Amdusias or Amdukias

AmdusiasAmdusias appears as a unicorn, then as a human. Musical instruments may be heard after a while.

Also he can cause Trees to bend and incline according to the Exorcist's Will. He gives Excellent Familiars.


BelialBelial appears as a beautiful angel sitting in a chariot of fire.

His Office is to distribute Presentations and Senatorships, etc.; and to cause favour of Friends and Foes. He gives excellent Familiars.


DecarabiaDecarabia appears as a star in a pentacle, then as a man.

His Office is to discover the Virtues of Birds and Precious Stones, and to make the Similitude of all kinds of Birds to fly before the Exorcist, singing and drinking as natural Birds do.

Seere, Sear, or Seir

SeereSeere appears as a beautiful man riding upon a winged horse.

His Office is to go and come; and to bring abundance of things to pass on a sudden, and to carry or recarry anything you wish, or to wherever you desire. He can pass over the whole Earth in the twinkling of an Eye. He gives a True relation of all sorts of Theft, and of Treasures hid, and of many other things. He is of an indifferent Good Nature, and is willing to do anything which the Exorcist desireth.


DantalionDantalion appears as a man with many faces, holding a book in his or her right hand.

His Office is to teach all Arts and Sciences unto any; and to declare the Secret Counsel of any one; for he knoweth the Thoughts of all Men and Women, and can change them at his Will. He can cause Love, and show the Similitude of any person, and show the same by a Vision, let them be in what part of the World they Will.


AndromaliusAndromalius appears as a man holding a serpent in his hand.

His Office is to bring back both a Thief, and the Goods which be stolen; and to discover all Wickedness, and Underhand Dealing; and to punish all Thieves and other Wicked People and also to discover hidden Treasures.

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