The New Way to Goetic Experience

Does Goetic invocation work?

How are your memories of Goetic invocation? After days, weeks, months or even years of preparation, was it all worth it? Were you exhilarated? Were you excited, bored, terrified? Scared witless?

Did you give up after your first attempt? Does the thought of Goetic invocation give you palpitations? The stories of Goetic invocation are not for the faint-hearted, so even if you did have some success in invoking spirits, would you do it again?

Ask any sportsman, and they will tell you that the key is repeatability; the ability to kick the ball over the bar, or into the net, the ability to run under 10 seconds in the 100 metres, the ability to leap over the bar in the high jump. Singers have to hold high notes, or sing for long periods of time. The ability to sustain technique and be consistent is something that magicians are not as good as they could be. It does not help that Goetic invocation can be such a terrible experience – assuming something happens, and for the most part nothing does. What carrot does the magician have in these occasions? Very little.

Health problems from Goetic Invocation

Some who have achieved success with Goetic invocation are on record as saying that experience has aged them. Who would be daft enough to continue if that was the case? Having invoked the spirit, what guarantee is there that it will comply with the will of the magician? Are you confident it will depart at your behest?

With all these kinds of questions, small wonder that while Goetic invocation may be the highlight or measure of competence of the magician; few ever achieve invocation, or continue the work. And yet, the measure of success should be the ability to easily and effortlessly invoke and work with spirits. The whole panoply of magical weapons and ritual magic should induce in the magician and the surroundings an atmosphere conducive to invocation. The fact is, this does not seem to happen.

Health benefits working with the Jinn

My own experience of the Goetia is entirely different. Various Goetic spirits have appeared to me over the years unbidden – I certainly have never ever performed ritual magick, let alone Goetic invocation. They appeared in forms that resemble the classical descriptions found in the grimoires, and they helped me with whatever problem I had. Sometimes they have informed me of a particular problem and offered to help! I usually felt better afterwards too. I can honestly say that easy familiarity with the Goetia is an inspiring and blissful experience, and the impact on my friends and the environment has always been positive. They go as easily as they appear, which is most comforting as you can imagine. No pact has been made, and I have never had to resort to torture in any form.

I had no idea of how to repeat those experiences, particularly since so many other spiritual transformations were going on at the same time. The breakthrough came during the writing of The Tarot and the Magus when there were particularly strong meetings of the spirits, and they had a hand in helping me write the book.

At the same time as writing the book, I was experimenting with crystals, and one day I realised I could program crystals with not just one Goetic spirit, but all 72 of them! Somehow, the crystal holds in the matrix the information of the spirits, which enables a rapport between them and the magician. Crystals are incredibly powerful, but understanding why they should facilitate communication with spirits has been elusive.

Whenever you learn a new skill, a huge amount of effort is required, mistakes are made, and you have to concentrate fully. With time, the body and mind seems to remember the experience, so that just doing the preparation will be enough to start to induce the mind-set and experience that will facilitate success. Since my experience of the Goetia has been so overwhelmingly positive, the act of programming the crystal was easy and joyful since the spirits were happy to cooperate. What the crystal does is to induce the physical, mental and emotional memory in the magician that is associated with successful invocation. Just holding the crystal will automatically put me in the state that ensures successful communication. Now, you can also have this experience.

You have the choice – do you want the pain, misery, boredom or fear with uncertain results, or do you want to enjoy yourself and enter the fascinating world of the Goetia, the spirits who hold the key to meeting your Holy Guardian Angel? Try crystals, and give yourself and the spirits a favour!

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